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The Spirit of Defiance

What characterizes the true spirit of Defiance Fight Gear and those who wear it? In a nutshell, it's the strength of spirit and character that keeps one fighting and focused on a goal despite overwhelming  hardship and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It's that inner voice urging you to press on, to keep fighting, to keep striving for what you want. It is essentially that mindset that says, this is what I want, this is what I've trained for, I will not give up, I will not submit, I will not tap out!

The stories below illustrate the Spirit of Defiance.

Let's Roll!

On September 11th, 2001, the passengers on United Airlines' Flight 93 were alerted, via cell phones onboard, that terrorists had seized control of planes and were using them as missiles to attack targets in the United States. Some passengers onboard, most notably Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett Jr., and Jeremy Glick,  decided that, though they were almost certainly going to die that day, they were not going down without a fight. It is a certainty that Flight 93 was being directed to some high-profile target, perhaps the White House, but the courageous actions of the people onboard the plane that fateful day, and their unwillingness to submit, diverted the plane from it's intended target and crashed it into an unpopulated field in rural Pennsylvania. Lisa Robinson, a GTE cellular operator who had been speaking with Todd Beamer, said that the last words she heard from him, as the team prepared to take action, were "Let's Roll!"

Handicap? What handicap?

Words cannot do justice to this incredible story of perseverance and  triumph in the face of adversity; it has to be seen...


Tap out? You must be thinking of some other fighter!

The Spirit of Defiance is readily apparent in MMA fighters who routinely refuse to give up the fight despite such serious injuries as broken arms, jaws, noses, and eye sockets! Some notable examples include...

In a 2003 fight, Forrest Griffin had his left arm broken in an arm bar by Edson Paredao but that was not about to stop Forrest... He continued to fight and ultimately knocked Paredao out with his right!

At UFC 48 in 2004, Tim Sylvia had his arm snapped by Frank Mir. The break was obvious enough for referee Herb Dean to immediately stop the fight but not enough to dissuade Tim Sylvia who heatedly argued the decision, insisting that his arm was not broken as he touched it and moved it around to demonstrate. Later, at the hospital, x-rays revealed that the arm was indeed broken.


Think you've got a good story that illustrates the Spirit of Defiance?

Send it to us and, if we agree, we'll publish it on this page!


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